key visual

story 2

Lead Manager Nyang


I am the Lead Manager
14th Department,
descendant of the
Nyaru Nyaru Tribe,
Lead Manager Nyang,

Starting today,
you're going to be
my right-hand-Manager
for the Soul Reapers

in the 14th Department,

Each departments'
Soul Reapers are gathered to fulfill
their true wishes, meow.

Soul Reapers are assigned
between 5 teams depending on
when they were appointed
as Soul Reapers:


story 3

You must help the Soul Reapers purify wandering spirits
and seal them in the Kaleidoscope, nya.

When you fill the Kaleidoscope
with the purified butterflies,

a Soul Reaper's greatest wish will come true, meow!

story 4

Do your best to take care of this ragtag
group of 20 newly recruited Soul Reapers, meow!

I'm a little tired from all this explaining,
so I'm gonna go take a break!
Good luck, meow!